Work, travel, adventures!


Love to travel....have great adventures.... not able or willing to give up work .....but also don't want to work on a permanent basis?

 Great Australian Bight - spot the motor home!


Some time ago Wendy and I changed our lifestyle and decided to block our time - for work and for other things.  For us it is a great balance and helps keep us happy.  This website shares our experiences and information as a way to support others looking for a different balance to their life.


For us work is important, we need an income, but we also want to contribute to the communities we're part of or visiting.  Here's some of the work we do:

  • Golden Bay by the Sea bed and breakfast at our home in NZ when we are there. We're Airbnb Super Hosts and you can book through Air BnB or, links to the right;
  • Wendy does short midwifery contracts in rural and outback Australia;
  • Short to medium term contracts in the Community and Voluntary Sector, sometimes as relief manager to cover 'burn-out' or other leave; 
  • We've also been relief managers on holiday parks in Australia.
  • Pro bono web design e.g. balivillage
  • Voluntary community radio show - Pats Postcard - details below.

The aim is to find the balance that makes us happy.  More details on the Lifestyle Tips page.


Currently I'm working for the NZ Red Cross Pathways to Settlement programme, helping resettle former refugees from Bhutan, Myanmar and Colombia - based in Nelson.







The former yellow bridge, Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia - 2 days before it collapsed.

Other sections on this website:

  • The travel and lifestyle blogs.  Story, pictures and embedded radio show of where we've been and what we were doing.  Destination list and links to the left.
  • House sitting as a great way to have a snapshot of another persons way of life and save heaps on accommodation costs.  Join through the House Carers link to the right and we get a small commission at no extra cost to you.  The House Sitting page gives more information and also where we have sat in Australia, France, England and New Zealand.
  • We'd love to hear from you so you can contact us.



Cycling on the car free island of Pulau Ubin, Singapore.


Pats Audio Postcards can be heard via an audio link on the blog page.    


The audio postcards are also broadcast on Fresh FM in New Zealand, on-air and live through their website 


Pats Audio Postcards are available free to any community broadcaster in the world.  Charges apply for public and commercial broadcasters.

 Contact me.