Malaysia - Cameron Highlands.


Malaysia - we love tea!



We love tea, so a trip to Malaysia wouldn't be complete without visiting the Cameron Highlands famous for its tea plantations – beautiful terraces stretching over the hillside as far as the eye could see. We visited the Boh Plantation where I met Suberamanium.





Boh tea.         




The Cameron Highlands, where tea grows to an altitude of 1600m, is beautifully picturesque.  The 100 year old plants weave across the hillsides in a tapestry of green.  The higher the altitude the more aromatic the tea becomes.




What its all about the growing tip of Camellia sinensis.


Unfortunately uncontrolled development is eating into the surrounding forest and horticulture.  Loss of habitat and siltation of streams are serious issues.




The Cameron Highlands are also very productive horticulturally with strawberries being one of the main crops.

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