27. May 2017
Sussex, England an ancient landscape and the landscape of my childhood.
11. April 2017
By the brazier, Abby talks about her recent trip to Rwanda.
01. March 2017
Golden Bay day tour with Marcel and Sabine from Vienna
21. February 2017
At home on the deck - reflecting and planning.
29. January 2017
There's something quintessentially kiwi about a bach holiday by the sea – simple pleasures and just brilliant.
07. January 2017
3600km road trip across Australia from Perth to Melbourne in 8 days for a dollar a day!
12. December 2016
Malaysia - we love tea!
20. November 2016
Singapore - Chinese, Malay, Arab, Indian and European all call this city home.
06. November 2016
Nusa Penida - Mike describes a happry cremation ceremony.
25. October 2016
Subak - rice irrigation system. Spirit, nature and the human world in harmony.

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